Multiturn wave spring

Borrelly Ondufil™ multiturn wave springs 

Reducing spring housing by 50%

    • Waves per turn are offset by a half pitch
    • Total force is equivalent to one turn, whereas deflection is multiplied by the number of turns
    • Spring rate of wave springs decreases proportionnaly to the number of turns
    • Upper and Lower turns can be wavy or flat. Shim ends geometry avoids the use of support rings and provide a 360° contact surface.

In comparison with helical compression springs, Borrelly Ondufil™ offers space savings. For identical force and deflection, Borrelly wave spring enable to reduce overall housing from 50 to 75%

Borrelly Ondufil™ multiturn wave springs are available in both carbon and stainless steel.

Borrelly multi turn wave spring            Ondufil vs ressort helicoidal