Borrelly Ondulée Wave Washer
Wavy spring

Borrelly wave washer is a spring from the flat spring family. Borrelly Ondulée wave washer is manufactured from a strip coil corresponding to the final thickness of the spring.

Elasticity curve is proportional over much of the available deflection and then becomes asymptotic to the load axis.

While being used in a static application, our wave washers can be fully compressed and still get back to initial free height without any loss of available deflection.

While being used in a dynamic application, we are designing our wave washers to meet your requirements

Borrelly Ondulée wave washer custom design

A wave washer belongs to the flat spring family, stamped from strip coil corresponding to the final thickness of the spring.

The sinusoidal waves are equidistant and can be numerous depending on the required deflection and spring rate.

The most known application, and developed by Borrelly in the beginning of the 70s, is the ball bearing preload.

Wave washer

Ball bearing noise and vibrations

Preload bearings

Internal clearance in ball bearing is crucial, but generates noise and vibrations.

Using wave washers to take up internal clearance considerably reduces vibrations and also decreases bearing noise. This has a positive effect on bearing service life.

Mounting Borrelly Ondulée wave washer

    • Rotating inner ring: Borrelly Ondulée wave washer operates on the outer ring of the bearing 
    • Rotating outer ring: Borrelly Ondulée wave washer operates on the inner ring of the bearing
Preload inner ring Preload outer ring


Properly designed, Borrelly Ondulée wave washer permits to balance machining gaps, expansion plays and then reduce bearing damages and wear.

Important: While using Borrelly Ondulée wave washer, it is crucial not to modify the bearing fittings tolerances. Wave washer preload feeling is not instantaneous, but only after some minutes of operation. The preloading wave washer and outer/inner rings are setting up and then plays are eliminated.