Borrelly Belleville Disc Spring
Disc Spring

Borrelly Spring Washers specialises in designing and manufacturing Belleville disc springs and specific stackings.

We are offering our customers unique know-how and worldwide reputation. 

Our engineers can provide solutions for high-sensitive application in all high-tech sectors, including Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Petrochemical or Nuclear. 

Our daily job is to provide small and medium quantities in some exotic material such as nickel alloy, titanium, composite or beryllium copper.

Borrelly Belleville custom design

Centring disc spring

 Belleville disc spring

Borrelly Belleville disc springs can be centered either on the outside or inside diameters.

Stacking of disc springs

Serie stacking Belleville disc spring Disc spring Serie stacking: deflections are combined, force is equal to one single disc spring.
Parallel stacking Belleville disc spring Disc spring Parallel stacking: forces are combined, deflection is equal to one single disc spring
Mixed stacking Belleville disc spring Disc spring Mixed stacking: Serie stacking of parallel stacked disc springs

Advantages of disc spring

  • Possibilty to achieve heavy loads
  • High variety of elactity curves
  • Important absorption while using parallel or mixed stacking

Application of disc spring

Disconnector spring Preload bearings
Disconnector spring Bearing preload