Borrelly Anneau élastique Ribbon spring
Wavy sheet

Controlling play between bearing and housing

Borrelly Anneau élastique ribbon springs are available in all spring material, including Inconel, Phynox or Beryllium copper.

Borrelly Anneau élastique ribbon spring custom design

Ribbon spring principle

Borrelly ribbon springs are a continuous wave formed sheet manufactured from spring material. They are mounted between bearing and housing; their role is to permanently control the play between those both elements.

On assembly, the ribbon spring is preloaded, and bearing only moves in radial direction if global preloading force is exceeded.

Ribbon spring has been designed so that the preload is, at least, equal to the load. Consequently, ribbon spring must not bend while working, otherwise the bearing had been improperly designed. When there are accidental radiall overloads, the bearing fully support it as the ribbon ring acts as a shock absorber.


 Ribbon spring

Advantages of ribbon spring

It allows to machine bearing's housing with much larger tolerances without compromising fitting quality.

  • They can compensate slight misalignments of housing.
  • They are permanently controlling the play between bearing and housing.
  • With a ribbon spring, the bearing is not set, and then it can axially moves following shaft dilatation.