Borrelly Spring Washers is a supplier of aerospace washers. Our engineering department can design spring washers capable of meeting the highly technical requirements of the space sector.

Closely linked to the Aeronautics market, the Aerospace market is also a sector of the future, and is growing. Ever higher, ever further.... the quest to learn more about the cosmos is never-ending. Perhaps one day, we will colonise the planets of our solar system.

We design and manufacture aerospace washers for the following space applications:

High-speed turbine prestressing management


Borrelly Spring Washers developed a corrugated spring washer, made from CuBe1.9, capable of handling the prestressing of high-speed turbines. Through characterization of design and manufacturing parameters at 20°C, our aerospace washers ensure performance that meets customer requirements at 50°K, since the early prototype.


High speed turbines are subjected to cryogenic operating temperatures. Normal operation requires a reduced footprint, very tight load tolerance, and zero hysteresis.

Mechanical energy storage device for launchers

Borrelly Spring Washers specializes in the design and manufacture of stacks of highly technical Belleville washers for the space sector. Suitable for very harsh environments, the stacking of these Belleville-type spring washers maximizes the stored mechanical energy while offering a reduced footprint.

Disc spring stacks of this type, made out of Inconel nickel-base super alloys, are used in a mechanical energy storage device for European launchers. Borrelly Spring Washers has been a historical supplier of such components for over 50 years.

Borrelly is highly regarded by the leading contractors in the space sector. Thanks to its great technical expertise, the company is a preferred supplier for European and international space programs.

Borrelly Spring Washers employs an in-house DPRV (Delegated Product Release Verification) agent, certified according to the AS9117 standard by SAE International as of May 2019.

Docking of ATV modules to international space station

As a supplier of disc springs for the space industry, Borrelly Spring Washers designs and manufactures Belleville washer stacks used for securing the tie-down hooks of refueling ATV modules on the international space station (ISS).

Several months of validation, in partnership with our client, have made it possible to finalize the specifications and processes to ensure repeatability under very strict requirements. Our aerospace spring washers, made from Inconel 718, are suitable for this application.


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