Borelly 360 Spiral Retaining Ring

Borrelly 360° internal (designed for bore) and external (designed for shaft) multi turn spiral retaining rings are manufactured by coiling the ring from laminated flat wire with round edges.

Borrelly Spring Washers is manufacturing  spiral retaining ringsfrom 5 mm to 1000 mm, from 1 to 7 turns in austinetic stainless steel AISI 301 – AISI 302 – AISI 316 – or structurally hardened such as  17-7 pH cond.C, and also Inconel, Hastelloy or CuBe2.

Technical description

Technical description


Spiral retaining ring

Borrelly 360° internal (designed for bore) and external (designed for shaft) multi turn retaining rings are manufactured by coiling the ring from laminated flat wire with round edges.

Borrelly 360° Retaining rings are manufactured with internal or external notches, making the ring easily extractable from a groove.

External retaining ring / Internal retaining ring

Advantages of spiral retaining ring

Retaining ring vs circlips 

Compared to stamped retaining rings (circlips), Borrelly 360° spiral retaining rings offer many benefits :

  • No tooling cost
  • No assembly lugs
  • Gapless ring - 360° retaining surface
  • Well-to-do installation and removal


Installation / Removal of spiral retaining ring

 Automatic assembly of 360 retaining rings Manual installation and removal of 360 retaining ring

Manual installation, semi-automated or fully automated of Borrelly 360™ spiral retaining rings can be achieved by using a simple assembly cone.

Removing from a groove a stamped circlip has to be done with a specific tool, whereas a simple screwdriver can be used for removing a Borrelly 360™ spiral retaining rings.


Application of spiral retaining ring

 External retaining ring for shaft Internal retaining ring for bore
Shaft Borrelly 360™ 2 turns spiral retaining ring Bore Borrelly 360™ 4 turns spiral retaining ring


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