• Borrelly thin shim washers

Borrelly Thin shim washers

Taking into account the great diversity of tooling that we possess, we are able to manufacture a large number of models of thin shim washers.

We are able to supply thin shim washers in the following materials :

  • Hammer-hardened mild steel UTS= 500-600 N/mm2
  • Hardened steel C75S UTS = 1400-1500 N/mm2
  • Hammer-hardened brass
  • Hammer-hardened phosphor bronze UE9P
  • Aluminium
  • Plastic film
  • Composite

We keep in stock mild steel shims the dimensions of which correspond to outer ball-bearing rings, in the thickness : 0.05-0.10-0.15-0.20-0.25-0.30-0.40-0.50 mm.


99,8 %


95,9 %


48 H