Borrelly Spring Washers is a supplier of spring washers for the defense industry. We design and manufacture our spring washers in accordance with the NF EN ISO 9100 standard: Quality management system: Requirements for aeronautics, space and defense organizations.

Borrelly Spring Washers brings its technical expertise to solve problems in which the reliability of our products is essential to our customers.

We operate in the defense sector for prestigious equipment manufacturers and prime contractors who work for:

  • Air military forces
  • Naval military forces
  • Mobile military forces


Based on specifications and on customer issues, we ensure the design, prototyping, and serial production of spring washers and elastic rings often subjected to extreme temperature conditions (such as cryogenic and very high temperatures), extreme static or dynamic fatigue conditions, as well as extreme reliability and precision conditions.


We design and manufacture spring washers and elastic rings for the following applications:

  • Spring washers for vision systems
  • Disc springs for night sighting systems
  • Disc springs for guiding systems
  • Disc springs for missiles
  • Disc springs for fighter aircraft
  • Washers for military drones
  • Washers for military satellites

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