Designing a custom washer requires a good knowledge of the product. Thanks to our experience and know-how, our Engineering & Design Department can work on all your projects and products by offering you solid technical expertise combining responsiveness, advice and proximity.


Small spring housing, extreme temperatures, specific environment; In terms of energy stored per material volume unit, spring washers are among the most effective type of springs.  Whether for prototypes or large runs, our Engineering & Design Department can create all types of custom washers. We are constantly innovating and looking for new products, new geometries and new manufacturing processes.


Borrelly's Engineering & Design Department has the expertise to help you resolve your technical challenges by creating your own custom washer.


For over 50 years, our Engineering & Design Department has been providing a full range of services related to highly technical spring washers (design, development, materials, industrialisation).

We can provide you with these solutions based on our know-how in mechanical calculations and finite element studies.

Our ability to find solutions and provide excellent manufacturing quality from prototypes to very large runs has been recognised by major players in sectors as varied as aeronautics, automotive, aerospace, defence, nuclear, motor sports, mechanical engineering, off-shore, medical and household appliances.


Like coiled wire springs (e.g., coil springs), spring washers are round elastic elements.

In contrast to the former, which are "high" in relation to their diameter, spring washers are "low" in relation to their diameter.


A spring washer should therefore be used when a "round spring element" is to be used in an assembly and when axial space (rather than radial space) is available.

The use of space along a  diameter rather than height-wise is generally advantageous; it is one of the best ways to store: the most "elastic" force per unit of volume

The range of geometries available: Borrelly wave washer - Borrelly Ondufil® wave washer - Borrelly Diaphragm washer - Borrelly Belleville disc spring - Borrelly ROB® allow the material to be subjected to bending, torsion and shear stress.

The combination of the various stresses according to deformation results in forces that are not necessarily proportional to the displacements; this means that the elasticity curve can be adapted exactly to the required stress.

We use very-high performance materials; thus, our custom washers are fit-for-use in even the most severe environments, from cryogenics to high-temperature settings.

We assess your requirements with you and draft specifications to find the most technically and economically suitable solution. We study your work environment and adapt the material to meet the most severe constraints. We can very quickly manufacture prototypes to be tested statically, dynamically, etc...

Together, we can design the custom washer best suited to your needs:

  • Smaller housings,
  • Specific environments,
  • Cryogenics - very high temperature,
  • Static or dynamic fatigue
  • Spring materials (common or super alloys),
  • Development, testing,
  • Prototypes and large runs

Our flexibility and high-performance production equipment endow us with great capability and mean that we can meet your needs over a very wide range.

Thanks to the use of high-performance software, tried, tested and improved for over 50 years, our qualified team is at your disposal from the Calculation phase on the finished element to the End Product.  Our main goal is to optimise the customisation process and to be your constant partner and providers of constantly-improved products.


Our flexibility and high-performance production equipment endow us with great capability and mean that we can meet your needs over a very wide range.


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