Mechanical industry

Borrelly Spring Washers supplies spring washers for the mechanical industry. The best-known application of these washers is the prestressing, or preloading, of ball bearings.

Just like round wire compression springs (coil springs), our spring washers are widely used in the the mechanical industry.

However, unlike a coil spring, whose height is greater than its diameter, spring washers are round spring elements with reduced height compared to diameter.

Therefore, spring washers (corrugated, Belleville, diaphragm, etc.) are used when height clearance is insufficient compared to radial clearance.


Likewise, our Ondufil multiturn spring washers have a very clear footprint advantage, as shown in the diagram below:

As a result, the spring washers for the mechanical industry that we design and produce are used by:

  • Pump manufacturers
  • Compressor manufacturers
  • Dynamic seal manufacturers
  • Industrial valve manufacturers
  • Machine tool manufacturers
  • Power tool manufacturers
  • Valve manufacturers
  • Bearing manufacturers
  • Electric motor manufacturers
  • Clutch manufacturers...




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