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Borrelly Spring Washers is a supplier of spring washers for motorsports. In this cutting-edge industry, the performance level is maximized and reliability is a major requirement. In order to meet these constraints, we leverage all our experience and expertise, as well as our technical team, to design and develop high-tech products for the leading teams (F1, DTM, etc.) and manufacturers of sub-assemblies (gearbox, engine, etc.).

Prototypes and series can be produced in record time to deal with unforeseen circumstances between races, for example, or can be readied for winter F1 testing!

We have been involved in the development of many race cars and systems. Our spring washers for motorsports can be used for:

  • Aerodynamic flap actuation mechanisms (DRS in F1)
  • Preloading of differentials
  • Pedal effort in brake-by-wire systems
  • High efficiency water pumps
  • Shock absorbers and end stops
  • Multi-pin connectors in wiring harnesses
  • Ultra-light door striker return mechanisms
  • Controlling the clearance for floating discs
  • High performance electric motors

The search for performance in auto racing unavoidably involves optimizing the weight of all components of a racing car.

That is why Borrelly developed and perfected composite (epoxy-carbon) Belleville washers that allow an unmatched mass/performance ratio.

Examples of the washers we manufacture for motorsports


Stacking of Belleville mechanical return washers as a supplement to the DRS hydraulic actuator

The FIA imposes a mechanical safety return mechanism, to allow the rear wing flap to return to its aerodynamically loaded position in case of hydraulic failure.


Belleville carbon washer for third suspension element



Our Belleville carbon washers for suspension elements were mounted in a prototype during the French Mountain Championship.



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