Borrelly Spring Washers is a supplier of nuclear safety washers. In the 1970s, the company was an important player in the nuclear field, with one of the most important development programs in Europe.

Today, we supply many spare parts and participate in new programs. As holders of the Safety QA certification, we are suppliers of so-called “nuclear safety” parts used in primary circuits.

Examples of manufactured nuclear safety washers:

Bellows-type spring

Drawing on its experience and great technical expertise, Borrelly has developed a bellows-type spring which is used as a force sensor to monitor the weight of uranium bars. This type of nuclear safety washers made it possible to overcome the zero hysteresis constraint, which required the extraction force to match the compression force exactly.


Elastic strips for turbine blade prestressing

We also developed elastic strips for the prestressing of generator turbine blades. We mass-produced these spare parts from 1970 to 1985, and continue to supply them today.



Elastic waterproofing membranes

In partnership with our client, we developed elastic waterproofing membranes. The complex manufacturing processes required were developed within the Borrelly Spring Washers workshops.

Used to ensure sealing and clearance compensation in crushing rollers used for spent uranium rods, these nuclear safety washers are designed to protect the rollers from extremely corrosive uranium hexafluoride projections.

Belleville disc spring made from Inconel 718

Under the supervision of the SIAR (department for industrial surveillance of armament), Borrelly carried out the design and production of Belleville washers made from Inconel 718. These washers ensure the prestressing of sealing components in the primary circuit of the nuclear propulsion system that powers the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.


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